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Tokio & Yokohama, Japan


Beauty in new Light

Welcome to the "Kirei: Beauty in New Light" exhibition, a groundbreaking fusion of art and technology that transforms the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama into a truly magical experience.

「「Kirei: 新しい光の美」展へようこそ。選りすぐりの芸術と技術の画期的な融合によって、東京と横浜の街での魔法のような体験にご招待します。

Welcome to the "Kirei: Beauty in New Light" exhibition, a groundbreaking fusion of art and technology that transforms the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama into a truly magical experience. Here you will see 8 international artists with 17 artworks. Some are traditionally painted, some are digital, some are AI art. Immerse yourself in a world of aesthetic sophistication where traditional Japanese aesthetics merge with modern innovation. Our exhibition explores the concept of beauty - or "Kirei" - from various perspectives and presents a fascinating selection of artworks that touch the soul and stimulate the senses.

But what truly sets this exhibition apart is its use of Augmented Reality (AR). Our artworks are not confined to the boundaries of the gallery space but extend into the bustling streets of Tokyo and Yokohama. With the help of your smartphone or AR glasses, you can discover the hidden treasures of beauty scattered throughout the city.

Stroll through the bustling streets and be enchanted by virtual installations seamlessly blending with the urban environment. Witness cherry blossoms blooming at street corners, admire the grace of digital koi fish swimming in virtual ponds, and be mesmerized by the fascinating light displays transforming the facades of buildings into a kaleidoscopic spectacle of colors.

But this exhibition is more than just a visual spectacle; it is an invitation to experience beauty in its purest form. Embark on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of beauty in Tokyo and Yokohama and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the "Kirei: Beauty in New Light" exhibition. Dive into a world full of aesthetics and inspiration that will stay with you long after.

「Kirei: 新しい光の美」展へようこそ。


展示では美のコンセプトである「Kirei」を様々な視点から探求し、魂を揺さぶり、感覚を刺激します。 この展示を特別なものにしているのは、拡張現実(AR)の活用です。この技術によって、作品展示はギャラリー空間のみにとどまらず、東京や横浜の賑やかな街にまで広がります。スマートフォンやARグラスを使って、街中に散りばめられた美しい宝物を発見することができます。



Beauty in new Light

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Map Location Illustration

Red Brickhouse

Touch screen icon


Japanese Flag of Japan

Are you at the Location? Switch off Wifi. You have 4G or 5G?

Have IOS 14.2/+ or Android 11/+?Samsung Galaxy S22 / Samsung Galaxy S21 / Google Pixel 7 / Google Pixel 6

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What you have to do when you open the link. You don't have to download anything! However, you can download the app if you want. Here are the instructions without the app - go to location and click the exhibition picutre:

Your Browser

will open

right above

click open

Then touch

the blue open

No app will be

loaded. It’s in the


Allow tracking

until the evening.

Scene is loading

Touch more

See the Buildings

around you. Wait 2 min don’t worry!!

After loaded.

Get closer to the art!

Move aorund it!

Are you ready?

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Beauty in new Light

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Map Location Illustration

Red Brickhouse

Touch screen icon


Michiko, a 13-year-old artist has been crafting her creation, the imaginary bird Maro Dori, since the tender age of 10. With inspiration drawn from birds, Maro Dori represents her journey, seamlessly blending tradition and modern expression. In ancient Japan, amid the prosperity of the Heian era, at the Imperial Court in Kyoto, aristocrats painted eyebrows to symbolize and express their nobility. Maro Dori incorporates this historical practice into its unique design.


Artwork 1 | “Lotus and Moon” | “蓮と月”

Artwork 2 | “Noble Bird Maro Dori” | “高貴な麻呂鳥”

Artwork3 | “Moon Serenade” | “ムーンセレナーデ”



A keen observer of life and culture, Linda Hollier is currently living in Canada. Linda’s love of photograpy and art in all its forms has merged with her interest in technology. She creates her artworks entirely on her iPhone, then has them printed onto wood. When intuitively capturing a particular moment using a slowshutter technique, she focuses on the energy that appears to accompany the individuals she is photographing. She then paints on the image using her finger on her iPhone screen, and creates various textures and blends using a varitey of apps.

ARTWORK 1 | Contemplation

Artwork 2 | Determined


mostaque Ahmed

Mostaque’s artwork is about the desire of telling stories by transforming nature into artworks that offer pleasure and solace in mind. His works have a certain simplicity regardless of his detailed observation that derives to some extent from an indulgence about composition, and colour philosophy. He developed an acute interest in stained-glass work in his childhood that provoked him in crafting synthesis between pattern art, photography, and stained-glass effects. He participated in exhibitions organised by galleries in the USA, the UK, Greece, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Canada and recognised by various art critics and juries. He was born in 1972, by profession, a Management Consultant, living in Sydney, Australia. He is a self-taught artist - one could call him a storyteller.


Vanessa Camacaro

Vanessa Camacaro, also known as Vans_Cmkro and Moms Talk Crypto, is a Digital-AI Artist, AI engineer student, photographer, storyteller, web3 event planner, and curator. Originally from Venezuela and raised in South Florida, she currently resides in Denver. Vanessa is dedicated to supporting women in tech through her Women In Tech Museum, providing showcases, mentorship, and resources. Her artwork has been showcased at prestigious events and institutions globally, including Art Basel Miami, NFT NYC, AI Fashion Week, and exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, South Carolina, Estonia, France, Rome, Canada, Spain, Germany and Romania.

Amethyst: The Floral Symphony / Medium: AI & Procreate / Price: 0.8 ETH & Among Duality


Muriel LHERM

Raised in French culture, I merge classical and contemporary artistry, transitioning from econometrics to AI art. Showcased at global events like the Metaverse African Museum and Paris NFT 2024, my work is featured on platforms like VAVortex and Inadao. Engaged in tech communities, I foster collaboration and innovation. Recognized, my art bridges tradition and technology, featured at NYC Times Square on March 8th.


Hanne Leschke

Welcome to my digital refuge, where nature blooms in dynamic brushstrokes and creativity. I strive to capture the essence of nature through acrylic and watercolor paintings. Experience authentic depictions of floral motifs as you stroll through realistic nuances and clear lines. Immerse yourself in an abstract world where shapes and colors speak their own language. Let the art affect you as if you were wandering through a real garden.



Oana Dolea

Oana Dolea is a visual artist currently living in London, UK. Three years ago, Oana picked up the paintbrush, pencil and colours after a break of many years, during which she studied and now practices law, travelled extensively, moved countries twice, and worked in multiple other countries. Her love of colour and design have always been a companion and are reflected in her art work and general lifestyle.


Spiritual Science, acrylic on canvas, 600£



Vanessa sees her art as a living entity, using digital tech to turn sculptures into captivating digital realms for a virtual experience. This transforms her artwork for use in the metaverse, accessible through VR and AR, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. Her aim is to prompt viewers to blur the boundaries between these worlds, inspiring curiosity and fostering a deeper connection to nature. Additionally, Vanessa engages in VR paintings during meditation breaks, enhancing her creative process





  1. Choose your location (see below with Googlemaps)
  2. Go to the location
  3. Switch off WIFI (this makes it slower)
  4. Open the link of the exhibition (click on the picutre)
  5. (No need to download the app)
  6. Click always open
  7. Allow the trackingservices (until tomorrow)
  8. When you see this screen, take a chill for 2-3 min to let it load.

9. You are on an island. Let it load.

10. After you don’t see the blue sign anymore

you may see the Exhibition!

11. Move Freely towards the art or underneath!

12. Take pictures if you like and tag us or the artists

  1. 展示場所は以下のグーグルマップから確認できます。
  2. 展示場所へ行きます。
  3. WIFIは切った状態にしてください(スピードは若干落ちます)
  4. 展示リンクやQRコードをクリックしてプログラムを軌道させます。(アプリのインストールは不要です)
  5. Always Open をクリックします。
  6. Tracking Services を許可します。(明日まで)
  7. 2-3分ローディングするのをゆったりと待ちます。
  8. 青い表示が消えたら展示物が出現します。自由に近づき、現実世界の景色と融合させてスクリーンショットを取ったり、画面を録画したりしてください。
  9. SNSに投稿する際は是非アーティストにタグ付けしてください。世界中のアーティストと繋がりましょう。